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Moving Dragon Ball Z Pictures

moving dragon ball z pictures
the making of dragonball/dragonball z/naruto show slike that MANGA?
see that video it shows the making of dragonball i always wondered how they made it, but i still dont understand what there doing, or what the picture of pan and goku is on and how there making it move? is that picture drawn? is this the correct way on how they made dbz? how do u think shows like that are made any ideas?

and if i wanted to make shows like that when im older does anyone know what i can practice at the age of 15 to get a head start

and was Dragonball ( the first series made before gt and dragon ball z) made the same way as the final series dbgt?

is drawing involved nowdays too

dragonball and dbz were both hand drawn you can tell from the animation not so sure about GT its looks to polished to be hand drawn i think it was done on a computer.
first of all you do have to be some what good at drawing i would practice with drawing manga since its really close to that animation style just anime is more excessive but nowadays its mostly done on the computer and almost doesn't look drawn because its so seamless.

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