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Moving Packet From Post Office

moving packet from post office
Pick your battles...would you let this go?

My boyfriend gave me some coupons today. I found out they are from a moving packet from the Post office. The ones that have the change of address cards in them.

He always says that I am too suspicious of him. So should I ask him about the packet or just let it go?

From what you've written here.... there doesn't seem to be a battle here at all.

As a word of warning..........if you WANT to drive him away, or drive yourself crazy... then by all means, keep being so paranoid. If you want a solid relationship, you're going to need to start letting things go. Would YOU want to be around someone who distrusts you this much?

If he isn't worthy of trust... if he's done something wrong in the past, or if you know him to be a cheater... than END the relationship and move on.... otherwise, try trusting him... see if maybe that makes your life a little easier.

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